Update to the Blog Post, “How do you listen?”









I received some encouraging feedback from the post, “How do you listen”.  Writing is so much easier when people profit from you words.  After writing that article I received a copy of Dr. Joel Beeke’s book, “The Family at Church”.  Dr. Beeke writes about listening to sermons.  He asks Christians to be “active listeners” to the preached word.  He also brings out the point that we should prepare our hearts beforehand to receive the Word; as well as discuss the preached word after the sermon.  Even though we come from some differing theological convictions, it is good to be in agreement with Dr. Beeke on this subject.  I heartily recommend this book.

Why Many Modern American Evangelicals Don’t Like Reformed Baptist Preaching

This was originally posted by James White on the Reformed Baptist Fellowship Blog.

Humanists with a thin coating of religion won’t put up with this for long.

Reformed Baptist Churches tend to be between 50 and 350 congregants in size, generally. Here is a contrast. A “church” with 16,000 in attendance. Listen to the message.

While I did not add the text to this video, the final verse provided says it all.

James White
Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church
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