It is time for Christians to wake up.

tebowThe recent admission by NBA player Jason Collins that he is gay has been embraced by the media.  This is really not news.  The media has been in the tank for Gay Rights for decades.  In the beginning their bent was veiled.  Now it is nothing less than open advocacy.  This used to be the domain of the Left, but no longer.  Recently a major GOP PAC, American Unity PAC, lead by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, has come out in favor of same-sex marriage.  So much for social conservatism.  The GOP has always been one step behind Democrats on social issues.  Believe it or not, I think this is a good thing.  I welcome the media discarding even its last bit of pretense.  I welcome the GOP’s honesty in revealing it’s all about votes and power, not conviction.  I take an opposite view than most Christians.  Thank you mainstream media and the GOP for your honesty.

For too long the religious Right in America courted the favor of the GOP while vilifying the Democratic party.  Conservative office holders and candidates would throw the religious Right a few table scraps – enough to keep them satisfied and retain their vote.  But now the Republican Party realizes that it cannot win on a national basis without embracing the social mores of the day.  Even though that means turning their backs on the religious Right, Republican strategists figure that the socially moderate to liberal voting block has more of an ROI.  Politically active Christians have been nibbling at the heels of third party candidates or even Ron Paul.  They are looking for someone to validate their values and their message.  Unfortunately they are looking in the wrong place.

America’s hope rests in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  After every political party has finished kicking the Church to the curb, the Gospel still remains “the power of God unto salvation for all who will believe” (Rom. 1:16).  The world is a fallen place.  It is corrupt from head to foot.  Nothing this world has to offer can satisfy man’s deepest need and greatest longing.  Even if your political party won the presidency and both houses of Congress, society’s headlong rush into sin and depravity would nary be stopped for a nanosecond.  But the Gospel!  Ah, that is a different story.  The Gospel’s success is not measured by an electoral college, but by repentance from sin and true faith in the risen Son of God.  Perhaps God is in the process of pruning His Church.  As times goes by those Christians that have counted the cost, and decided to remain resolute in their profession, will almost certainly feel the wrath and scorn of a “tolerant” society.  But happy they will be!  Better to suffer for the sake of Christ, then to compromise and receive the praise of the world.

Please do not take my words as a suggestion not to be politically involved.  Political participation is certainly an option.  But be involved with your eyes wide open.  Beware of yoking yourself to a political party instead of Christ and His Church.  That is why I think good will become of today’s social and moral collapse.  Light always shines brightest in the darkness; and as society darkens the beacon of the Gospel will shine brighter.  Many will be saved out of this present darkness and their citizenship transferred to the kingdom of light.

Soli Deo Gloria!

4 thoughts on “It is time for Christians to wake up.

  1. Richard, yes, I have heard. I pray the church in the UK will not bow to the evil arrayed against it. After all, it is Christ’s Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!

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