Welcome to The Spurgeon Blog


Both Reformed and Calvinistic Baptists can trace their history back to the Puritan and Particular Baptists in Great Britain.  Of those Baptists none was more well known than Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  Even today Spurgeon is regarded as one of the most articulate voices of the doctrines of grace.  He was a man for his time and a man ahead of his time.  And while this blog is called the “Spurgeon Blog”, it is not about exalting a man.  In fact, Spurgeon once said:

“Remember, dear brethren and sisters, if you would be preserved from falling, you must be schooled in humility, and keep very low before the Lord. When you are half-an-inch above the ground, you are that half-inch too high. Your safety is to be nothing. Trust Christ, but do not trust yourself. Rely on the Spirit of God, but do not rely on anything that is in yourself.”

This blog exists to pursue thought and discussion of Reformed theology.  Spurgeon never saw the worth of theology independent from right living.  Join with me in that endeavor – to know and to do, all to the glory of God!

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